We all have fantasies of riding in fancy limousines every day if we could. Weddings, parties, prom, and Vegas offer us the opportunity to live out our fantasies for a night. You don’t, however, want the company around you to sense that you are as inexperienced with the lifestyle so the question is how much preparation should you do for that special ride? Tips to the chauffeur, sitting etiquette, how to get in, etc. are among the few etiquettes that show you are a confident limousine passenger and will save you many embarrassments.Travelling to Sydney, Australia? We recommend Sydney Limo, you can visit there website here: https://www.sydneylimo.org. But before you do make sure you understand what are among the common etiquette’s to know about riding in a limousine when travelling?

  1. Do not call it a limo, use either a limousine or just call it a car. You don’t want to come off as too fancy.
  2. Do not open the emergency hatch above or your window and stick your head out. That shows a lack of class as only animals like dogs stick their heads out of moving cars.
  3. Do not smoke in the car, do drugs or anything else illegal. Most luxury car services do not allow smoking in their cars. If you can, request a car for non-smokers; unless you are a smoker.
  4. It is very important to know who is paying for the limo and offer them for best seat i.e. the curbside seat, which is always reserved for VIP.
  5. Do not reach for the liquor first unless you are paying for the car. It is the host’s job to open the bottles and serve you. If some alcohol is left in the bottle, do not take the bottle with you.
  6. Do not be tempted to get in or out your own way instead let the chauffeur open the door for you as he knows when it’s safe and will come get you.
  7. Give your chauffer instructions on how many people will be with you, routes, stops and the destination you are headed to beforehand.
  8. Refrain from asking the chauffeur to go beyond the speed limit or violate other road regulations.
  9. Note to the gentlemen, on the evening in question let the ladies with big dresses enter last. This will help prevent the dress from getting too crumpled up.
  10. Note to ladies, when entering and exiting the car, keep your legs glued together like a mermaid.
  11. Upon entering and exiting the car, first, sit and pull your legs after you to avoid accidentally flashing your undergarments to onlookers. Do not step in the leg at a time as this will leave your rear end in the air behind you.
  12. Another note to gentlemen does not step out and look back to get your briefcase. Make sure you arrange everything before the door is opened and exit in one movement.
  13. Tip the driver particularly if he was professional and gave exceptional service, 15-20 percent is standard.
  14. Don’t trash the car. Leave it in as a clean slate as you can.