Everyone seems to have the travel bug these days, and it is no wonder given the ease with which travel can be organized. Not forgetting that inviting you to explore at every moment is the low flight costs, a plethora of online information about international travel, and beautiful images tempting us at every turn.

If you are just starting to think about where you will visit in 2018 then consider these five sizzling destinations that (hopefully) not everyone else will have thought of as well!

#1: Contemporary Dubai Art Season

Now Dubai may just in your mind be an expensive monochrome city, which in a way yes, it is.

However, if you want to visit Dubai when it is really sizzling then make sure to be there for the Art Season in March 2018.

Dubai’s Art Season is tip top full with a dazzling array of everything art to satisfy the most enthusiastic of Art lovers.

The Art Season is full of pioneering and contemporary artworks, performances, lectures, live music and more.

#2: Volcanic Hawaii, The Big Island

For those of you who think Hawaii is just flashy 5-star Hotel resorts then you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Big Island of Hawaii remains a very rural place and is a wonderful destination for camping and exploring nature.

Not to mention the live Volcano. For those of you with stamina, walks can be made to see the lava as it enters the sea. Other walks around the island will take you to ancient as well as recent lava fields, and you can also see lots of endemic wildlife and flora. You can spend the night in cabins in the volcano reserve and explore the lush island on foot and by car.

#3: Tranquil Pserimos in Greece

Greece is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean and anyone who hasn’t yet been should make it a priority to experience for themselves. Greece is truly at its best in the island of Pserimos. The island is blessed with an abundance of beautiful azure seas, private coves, white sand beaches and flora and fauna in abundance. There is something very restorative about the island.

Quiet, beautiful, warm days and warm-hearted people await. Really a truly sizzling destination for 2018.

#4: The newly opened Jordan Trail

A new long-distance walking path has now opened in the Middle East in Jordan. The trail starts in the North of the country Jordan and takes you down its length through a wonderful range of landscapes and finishing at Aqaba on the Red Sea.

Highlights of the trail are the Dead Sea canyons, areas around Wadi Araba where traditional Bedouin nomadic life continues much as it has for centuries, the lost city of Petra, and the red desert sands of Wadi Rum.

If you want a real challenge for 2018 then this new trail could surely be it!

#5: Cuba – a time capsule

Cuba is a fascinating destination and one that looks all set to explode with tourism. Now is the time to go before the explosion truly kicks in.

The distinct culture of the island sizzles!

Visiting the tropical island is a step back in time, with vintage cars driving the roads, local music, and beautiful classic architecture. You can also find thriving local produce, a product of the islands isolationism.

On the island, there is also a wide range of physical activities waiting to be enjoyed while exploring.

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If you are a keen photographer then it goes without saying that when you travel you do so with photography in mind. International Travel is an excellent way to add some excitement and exoticism to your portfolio.

But where are the most mind-blowing and heart racing destinations of them all?

#1: Mighty Mongolia

Mongolia is still a relatively little known, little-visited destination. However, the grandeur and drama of the landscapes make it a powerful location for photographers.

There are wild and desolate open spaces, abundant exotic wildlife, and the Mongolian people themselves. If you have never met someone who hunts with a trained Eagle then now might be the time to plan to do so!

#2: The Multifaceted Philippines

The Philippines is often overlooked when people think about tropical destinations. However, as a destination for photographers, the Philippines has a lot of surprises in store.

Over 7,000 islands make up the Philippines. They are teeming with wildlife and with many areas of the islands undiscovered, they offer a little-surpassed opportunity for real exploration.

There are volcanoes, pristine seas, perfect white sand beaches, underground rivers, tropical rainforests and cosmopolitan cities.

#3: Mysterious Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that has been closed for tourism, and only the expats working in the country have had the opportunity to discover the riches it had to hide. Now as the country indicates it will begin to open its doors to travelers, the question is how soon can you go?

There are beautiful undiscovered reefs on the coastlines, in the interior ancient Nabatean ruins to rival Petra (without the crowds).

Not to mention the powerful Rab Al Khali (Empty Quarter) Desert to explore, where mighty sand dunes contrast with vast oppressive blue skies.

#4: Towering Chile

Chile is a fascinating country and the opportunity for landscape photography is second to none. The towering Andes emerge from the Pacific Ocean and wild isolated areas spread down the whole length of the country. There is an unprecedented opportunity to capture the drama of nature in your photographs.

As the Lonely Planet’s #1 country in “best in travel 2018” then really there is no excuse not to go.

#5: Emerald India

India has made the hearts and minds of travelers race for centuries. As a photographer, India has to be a destination where you can spend a lifetime.

There are living, breathing, writhing masses of humanity to photograph. The country is extremely multi-cultural, bright colors abound, exotic temples enthrall and landscapes of breath-taking beauty inspire.

India is a destination to get lost in and to return to time and time again, and after 10 years you will ask yourself. Do I know India yet? The answer most certainly will be no.


The world is full of wonderful opportunities for photographers. Probably even on your own doorstep. However, international travel offers the chance to experience the wonder and to capture and share your wander through your work.