Paris is famous for all the good reasons and it’s one of the most preferred travel destinations in Europe. It is home to the famous Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, excellent museums and pizza palaces among other things.

One of the best times to visit the “City of Love” as it is popularly known is during winter and as you walk along the beautiful cobbled streets, there will be so much for you to admire.

Admire the Architecture

Paris boasts rich architecture such as the cathedral of Notre Dame, Catacombes de Paris and the Pantheon. During your winter travel, you should never miss out on these architectural marvels. Catacombes de Paris is unique in so many ways. The bones from the cemetery in Les Halles decorate the walls of the building. It’s advisable that you book your tickets in advance.

Attend the Notre-Dame Christmas Market

There are several Christmas markets that you can shop in. Besides the Saint-Germain-des Pres Christmas market with over 30 stalls, you should head to the Christmas Market located near the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It’s a perfect market to shop for jewelry, leather items, decorative iron work and ceramics.

Attend a Wine Festival

France is known for the production of wine as some of the best brands are produced in the country. It is a jolly moment to be in Paris as some of these events are held in the city. Some of the wine festivals events take place in Paris and the is celebration is everywhere. It is a good chance to sample various brands if you are a wine lover.

Enjoy the Winter Cuisine

Traditionally, there are delicacies that are served cold in France. Winter is a great time to sample some seasonal cuisines such as the soupe a l’oignon. Another delicacy to try is cassoulet which is a combination of white beans that are simmered with vegetables and pork before being cooked with sausage or duck confit. This results into a delicious thick stew.

Explore the Art Scene

Explore the art scene by walking along the cobbled streets of the city where there are street artists. Along the Canal St-Martin is one of the best streets to see this. The art scene comes to life during winter. You can see impressionist paintings along the banks of River Seine and modern artwork at the Foundation Louis Vuitton.

Paris is a beautiful place throughout the year but it is possible you are wondering how you can enjoy your holiday in winter. There are family friendly activities, places to visit and things to do. The one advantage of being in Paris during winter is that there are activities that are purely meant for this season.