Everyone should take precautions when traveling abroad but women tend to be more vulnerable to dangers that lurk around. Knowing your surroundings, taking care of your belongings and not walking in deserted streets alone are some of the important things that you can do. There is always something that you can do to enhance your safety in a foreign destination.


  • Have a Map with You

You are traveling to a destination for the first time thus you have no idea on where to go or where not to go at that time. A map will help you get to where you want to be without wasting time getting lost. Although some locals may help with directions, it is advisable to avoid getting help from strangers as not everyone has good intentions. You can get maps and more information from tourist offices.


  • Follow the Values of the Destination


We follow different cultures and what may seem right on your own may not be right in another. Learn and respect the culture in every destination that you go to. So as not to get into trouble with the locals, it’s of utmost importance that you follow their values, especially in dressing.


  • Do Not Show Off Your Personal Belongings


You probably have expensive jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings among others. You have a watch, a smartphone, and other gadgets. Displaying them in public could lead you into trouble and besides losing them, you could get injured. Keep them from the public same as your money and travel documents.


  • Do Not Walk in Deserted Streets

This is one of the biggest risks that you can take. There is a reason that a street is deserted one reason being they are dangerous. It is worse at night. The situation is worse when you are mugged in a foreign country.


  • Have Important Contacts at Your Fingertips


You should have an emergency number with you. You never know what could happen. It could be a number for your embassy, the police, family member or a security agency. The number should be reachable at all times and you should use it when necessary.


Taking good care of yourself when traveling is important for a lady. There are many safety tips you can follow to ensure that you do not face threats. This way, you will enjoy your traveling better.