Europe is a continent that has so much to offer to its visitors. From delicious cuisines, diverse culture, spectacular architecture and amazing nature, there is so much that you can see and do. Each country has something unique to offer. From Rome to Paris (the city of love) and Spain, visiting each city, every trip will be memorable. 





If you love spending time at the beach and joining in colorful festivals, Valencia is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. One advantage of visiting this city which is said to be the largest in Spain is the fact that public transport is reliable.

From Madrid and Barcelona which are the most famous cities in the country, you can travel by a high-speed train. Besides the festivals, it’s a great place to learn the Spanish culture and visit different museums. 




Who wouldn’t love to visit Rome? Full of historic gems that are a must see, Italy’s capital city is one of the most famous in Europe and the world at large.  It is also cost-effective to visit Rome as there are plenty of attractions that are free to visit.

The Vatican Museums, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum and the famous Pantheon are just some of the attractions. It’s a city that holds a lot of religious and historical importance. 





“The city of Love” has so much to offer to its visitors no matter their preferences. Visit the Louvre Museum, the famous Eiffel Tower, Hop-on Hop-off on a bus tour, watch the Moulin Rouge show, enjoy a dinner cruise at the Seine River, visit the Palace of Versailles, go on a shopping spree and enjoy champagne tasting among other things. There is just so much that you can do while in this beautiful city.




Have you ever walked any cobbled streets? If not, Athens gives you the perfect chance to do so. With its ancient structures, the Parthenon and Acropolis among other attractions, you will find the capital of Greece an amazing place to be in. Some of the buildings in the city date back to the 5th century.


Learning more about European cities and admiring what they have to offer is an amazing experience. Whatever travel budget you are working with, you can enjoy the best that Europe has to offer. One thing is that you can never get enough of the continent.

Everyone should take precautions when traveling abroad but women tend to be more vulnerable to dangers that lurk around. Knowing your surroundings, taking care of your belongings and not walking in deserted streets alone are some of the important things that you can do. There is always something that you can do to enhance your safety in a foreign destination.


  • Have a Map with You

You are traveling to a destination for the first time thus you have no idea on where to go or where not to go at that time. A map will help you get to where you want to be without wasting time getting lost. Although some locals may help with directions, it is advisable to avoid getting help from strangers as not everyone has good intentions. You can get maps and more information from tourist offices.


  • Follow the Values of the Destination


We follow different cultures and what may seem right on your own may not be right in another. Learn and respect the culture in every destination that you go to. So as not to get into trouble with the locals, it’s of utmost importance that you follow their values, especially in dressing.


  • Do Not Show Off Your Personal Belongings


You probably have expensive jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings among others. You have a watch, a smartphone, and other gadgets. Displaying them in public could lead you into trouble and besides losing them, you could get injured. Keep them from the public same as your money and travel documents.


  • Do Not Walk in Deserted Streets

This is one of the biggest risks that you can take. There is a reason that a street is deserted one reason being they are dangerous. It is worse at night. The situation is worse when you are mugged in a foreign country.


  • Have Important Contacts at Your Fingertips


You should have an emergency number with you. You never know what could happen. It could be a number for your embassy, the police, family member or a security agency. The number should be reachable at all times and you should use it when necessary.


Taking good care of yourself when traveling is important for a lady. There are many safety tips you can follow to ensure that you do not face threats. This way, you will enjoy your traveling better.

We all have fantasies of riding in fancy limousines every day if we could. Weddings, parties, prom, and Vegas offer us the opportunity to live out our fantasies for a night. You don’t, however, want the company around you to sense that you are as inexperienced with the lifestyle so the question is how much preparation should you do for that special ride? Tips to the chauffeur, sitting etiquette, how to get in, etc. are among the few etiquettes that show you are a confident limousine passenger and will save you many embarrassments.Travelling to Sydney, Australia? We recommend Sydney Limo, you can visit there website here: But before you do make sure you understand what are among the common etiquette’s to know about riding in a limousine when travelling?

  1. Do not call it a limo, use either a limousine or just call it a car. You don’t want to come off as too fancy.
  2. Do not open the emergency hatch above or your window and stick your head out. That shows a lack of class as only animals like dogs stick their heads out of moving cars.
  3. Do not smoke in the car, do drugs or anything else illegal. Most luxury car services do not allow smoking in their cars. If you can, request a car for non-smokers; unless you are a smoker.
  4. It is very important to know who is paying for the limo and offer them for best seat i.e. the curbside seat, which is always reserved for VIP.
  5. Do not reach for the liquor first unless you are paying for the car. It is the host’s job to open the bottles and serve you. If some alcohol is left in the bottle, do not take the bottle with you.
  6. Do not be tempted to get in or out your own way instead let the chauffeur open the door for you as he knows when it’s safe and will come get you.
  7. Give your chauffer instructions on how many people will be with you, routes, stops and the destination you are headed to beforehand.
  8. Refrain from asking the chauffeur to go beyond the speed limit or violate other road regulations.
  9. Note to the gentlemen, on the evening in question let the ladies with big dresses enter last. This will help prevent the dress from getting too crumpled up.
  10. Note to ladies, when entering and exiting the car, keep your legs glued together like a mermaid.
  11. Upon entering and exiting the car, first, sit and pull your legs after you to avoid accidentally flashing your undergarments to onlookers. Do not step in the leg at a time as this will leave your rear end in the air behind you.
  12. Another note to gentlemen does not step out and look back to get your briefcase. Make sure you arrange everything before the door is opened and exit in one movement.
  13. Tip the driver particularly if he was professional and gave exceptional service, 15-20 percent is standard.
  14. Don’t trash the car. Leave it in as a clean slate as you can.

Traveling for the first time to a foreign country can be fun and exciting but at the same time intimidating, because traveling is new to you and you don’t know anything about the area you are visiting.

If it is your first time traveling, you are likely pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, to explore a place that is far away from home. One thing you need to have at the back of your mind if you are traveling for the first time is that it is going to get easier and less intimidating each time you travel.

Most Newbie travelers are often confused about where they are going to travel to first. In this article, we are going to be looking at some locations that first-time travelers should consider if they want to have a fabulous time without any hassle.

Ice land

Presently, Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations. What makes Iceland a place you should consider visiting is it jaw-dropping landscapes, hot springs, black sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, steaming volcanoes and many other interesting things.

During your visit, you are going to feel like you are on another planet. Another reason why you should consider visiting this location is that they speak English and the crime rate in this region is very low.

If you visit Ice land during late September you make get an opportunity to see the northern light. One place you definitely should not miss during your visit to Ice land is their blue Lagoon. Soaking yourself in this lagoon is going to be a life-changing experience for you.

United Kingdom

The UK is a perfect destination, especially for a newbie traveler because everyone there speaks English. Despite the fact that they don’t have much culture in the UK, you are still going to feel like you are in a new country. During your stay in the UK, you will have the opportunity to visit many famous cities like London. There are so many landmarks and tourist attraction centers you can visit while you are there.


This location is basically one of the most beautiful as well as safest countries on the planet. During your visit, you are definitely going to get spoiled. You are going to experience the charm and legendary hospitality of the people there.  During the day you are going to fall in love with the breathtaking coastline as well as the spectacular scenery there.

Everyone seems to have the travel bug these days, and it is no wonder given the ease with which travel can be organized. Not forgetting that inviting you to explore at every moment is the low flight costs, a plethora of online information about international travel, and beautiful images tempting us at every turn.

If you are just starting to think about where you will visit in 2018 then consider these five sizzling destinations that (hopefully) not everyone else will have thought of as well!

#1: Contemporary Dubai Art Season

Now Dubai may just in your mind be an expensive monochrome city, which in a way yes, it is.

However, if you want to visit Dubai when it is really sizzling then make sure to be there for the Art Season in March 2018.

Dubai’s Art Season is tip top full with a dazzling array of everything art to satisfy the most enthusiastic of Art lovers.

The Art Season is full of pioneering and contemporary artworks, performances, lectures, live music and more.

#2: Volcanic Hawaii, The Big Island

For those of you who think Hawaii is just flashy 5-star Hotel resorts then you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Big Island of Hawaii remains a very rural place and is a wonderful destination for camping and exploring nature.

Not to mention the live Volcano. For those of you with stamina, walks can be made to see the lava as it enters the sea. Other walks around the island will take you to ancient as well as recent lava fields, and you can also see lots of endemic wildlife and flora. You can spend the night in cabins in the volcano reserve and explore the lush island on foot and by car.

#3: Tranquil Pserimos in Greece

Greece is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean and anyone who hasn’t yet been should make it a priority to experience for themselves. Greece is truly at its best in the island of Pserimos. The island is blessed with an abundance of beautiful azure seas, private coves, white sand beaches and flora and fauna in abundance. There is something very restorative about the island.

Quiet, beautiful, warm days and warm-hearted people await. Really a truly sizzling destination for 2018.

#4: The newly opened Jordan Trail

A new long-distance walking path has now opened in the Middle East in Jordan. The trail starts in the North of the country Jordan and takes you down its length through a wonderful range of landscapes and finishing at Aqaba on the Red Sea.

Highlights of the trail are the Dead Sea canyons, areas around Wadi Araba where traditional Bedouin nomadic life continues much as it has for centuries, the lost city of Petra, and the red desert sands of Wadi Rum.

If you want a real challenge for 2018 then this new trail could surely be it!

#5: Cuba – a time capsule

Cuba is a fascinating destination and one that looks all set to explode with tourism. Now is the time to go before the explosion truly kicks in.

The distinct culture of the island sizzles!

Visiting the tropical island is a step back in time, with vintage cars driving the roads, local music, and beautiful classic architecture. You can also find thriving local produce, a product of the islands isolationism.

On the island, there is also a wide range of physical activities waiting to be enjoyed while exploring.

What are you waiting for?

In the olden days you could only book your tickets in the traveling agencies but with the modern world with modern technology that allows everyone to book online from their homes. With online booking, you are given an opportunity to compare the prices and book depending on your budget and your plans on traveling.

This online booking site not only facilitates the booking of your flight they also ensure that you can book the hotels in which you will stay in and also book trips in between your international travels. These sites give you an opportunity to combine all the things you will want to do in your stay hence being convenient and economical.

The only advice that can be given is to ensure that you ensure that you choose your booking site wisely since there are a lot of fraudsters that create companies to get money from people. Some of these booking sites are,


This online site is widely known for its wonderful packages when it comes to online booking for your international travels. It not only allows you to book the flights and hotels alone but also gives you the chance to book vacations too. If you do not want to do the booking yourself, Priceline can book you a flight and also a hotel reservation giving you the details of your vacation just after you have paid for them. It also ensures that it takes you through their policies and their rates before you can book with them.


This site works with airlines directly hence making it easy for you to choose the type of flight you want. It also gives you the chance to narrow down your searches by the departure and the time of arrivals, the class of the flight and also the number of stops you would love to make. With Orbitz, you are guaranteed a flight that will help facilitate your international travels.


This online booking site offers you the values and rates for hotels and also flights. It ensures that it gives you full information on the flights and hotels before booking hence giving you the opportunity to choose according to your preference. Unlike other booking sites that want you to book weeks or months prior, orbits enable you to book even at the last minute. It also has tickets to events like concerts that are found in the place of your destination hence making it easier for anyone in case they had to stress about that too. Their prices are also very affordable and pocket-friendly.


This travel site gives you an opportunity to mix and match your options so that you do not find yourself in a situation you cannot get out of. It ensures you get the best choice for reservations on traveling.

With the mix and match, it means that you can decide to book a flight and a rental car, a rental car, and a hotel room or even a flight and a hotel room without having to book the whole package of flight, car and a hotel room. This has been made easier since Travelocity has ensured that it keeps and maintains partnerships and relationships with a number of flights, hotel rooms and also cruises that will help ensure a great package for their customers.

These are some of the leading booking sites for your international travels. They are affordable and also ensure they save you time that you would have wasted in searching for the flights and hotel rooms on your own.

If you are a keen photographer then it goes without saying that when you travel you do so with photography in mind. International Travel is an excellent way to add some excitement and exoticism to your portfolio.

But where are the most mind-blowing and heart racing destinations of them all?

#1: Mighty Mongolia

Mongolia is still a relatively little known, little-visited destination. However, the grandeur and drama of the landscapes make it a powerful location for photographers.

There are wild and desolate open spaces, abundant exotic wildlife, and the Mongolian people themselves. If you have never met someone who hunts with a trained Eagle then now might be the time to plan to do so!

#2: The Multifaceted Philippines

The Philippines is often overlooked when people think about tropical destinations. However, as a destination for photographers, the Philippines has a lot of surprises in store.

Over 7,000 islands make up the Philippines. They are teeming with wildlife and with many areas of the islands undiscovered, they offer a little-surpassed opportunity for real exploration.

There are volcanoes, pristine seas, perfect white sand beaches, underground rivers, tropical rainforests and cosmopolitan cities.

#3: Mysterious Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that has been closed for tourism, and only the expats working in the country have had the opportunity to discover the riches it had to hide. Now as the country indicates it will begin to open its doors to travelers, the question is how soon can you go?

There are beautiful undiscovered reefs on the coastlines, in the interior ancient Nabatean ruins to rival Petra (without the crowds).

Not to mention the powerful Rab Al Khali (Empty Quarter) Desert to explore, where mighty sand dunes contrast with vast oppressive blue skies.

#4: Towering Chile

Chile is a fascinating country and the opportunity for landscape photography is second to none. The towering Andes emerge from the Pacific Ocean and wild isolated areas spread down the whole length of the country. There is an unprecedented opportunity to capture the drama of nature in your photographs.

As the Lonely Planet’s #1 country in “best in travel 2018” then really there is no excuse not to go.

#5: Emerald India

India has made the hearts and minds of travelers race for centuries. As a photographer, India has to be a destination where you can spend a lifetime.

There are living, breathing, writhing masses of humanity to photograph. The country is extremely multi-cultural, bright colors abound, exotic temples enthrall and landscapes of breath-taking beauty inspire.

India is a destination to get lost in and to return to time and time again, and after 10 years you will ask yourself. Do I know India yet? The answer most certainly will be no.


The world is full of wonderful opportunities for photographers. Probably even on your own doorstep. However, international travel offers the chance to experience the wonder and to capture and share your wander through your work.